This year, we are starting our adventure in Nowy Sącz, more precisely, near Rożnów Lake in a charming, five-star, Heron hotel – the winner of many awards. We are going to spent our last two days of the event in, inter alia, Monte Carlo and Cannes. The route of Red Hat 2018 runs through 8 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, and France. In total, we will cover 2200 kilometers in 8 days. This year’s Positive Ways is going to be different from our previous expeditions. You will be able to check this out on June 17th on the main square in Nowy Sącz.

Simplified plan of the expedition:

Day one 16.06 Saturday 

In the afternoon, we are meeting at Heron Hotel. Technicians will prepare the cars for the expedition. Our machines will be washed, and covered with emblems and logos. Meanwhile, our participants will get the chance to know each other a bit better. At 7 p.m., we are planning to have a dinner, after which Briefing is going to take place, where we will get familiar with the itinerary of our expedition, safety regulations, and all the rules of our trip. We will hand out the road books, along with communication equipment. During our stay in the hotel, the whole relaxation and spa zone, as well as music club will be opened for Positive Ways participants exclusively.

Day two 17.06 Sunday.  400 km to cover.

At 10 o’clock, we are heading off to the main square in Nowy Sącz, where we will start our crazy expedition, being accompanied by our guests and spectators. Next we will head off to Budapest. Meanwhile, we will take a short break for delicious steak in Slovakia. In the evening, after arriving at the hotel in Hungary, we will go on unique cruise down the Danube river, where we will eat an amazing dinner, while listening to some relaxing music.

Day three 18.06 Monday. 600 km to cover.

The longest section of the expedition. The route runs through the mountain highways towards Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße. In the late afternoon, we will arrive at Weissenseerhof hotel located in southern Austria by the crystal clear Lake Weissensee. The lake is famous for its pristine and drinkable water. Our hotel is surrounded by forests and mountains. For those, who are eager and brave, we’ve organized diving into those amazing waters.

Dzień four 19.06 Tuesday. 400 km to cover.

Now… things that are the most essential in Positive Ways – cars, roads, and people to whom the combination of all those elements is almost like their lifestyle. After breakfast, we are heading off to the best route of Hohe Tauern – Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße. After having dinner in Innsbruck, we will head off to the first out of five mountain passes of this year’s expedition – Fluelapass located in the Alps, 2400 meters above sea level. This day, we will stay at one of the best hotels in Davos in Switzerland.

Day five 20.06 wednesday. 200 km to cover.

The day of Alpine passes! We’re going to visit four of them. The passes are different from one another. Thus : Klausenpass > Susten Pass > Furkapass > St Bernard Pass. Next, we are going to take a break on the Verzasca Dam. Thanks to special permission granted by the authorities, we will be able to go there with our cars. Normally, it’s not possible to do that. The dam became famous after the premiere of Goldeneye movie. British stuntman was the first person in the history of the dam that went bungee jumping there. All eager people from our team can repeat that feat. We are going to end this beautiful day, filled with so many emotions, and unusual views by Lake Lugano, where we will spend the night in beautiful apartments. Next day is going to be completely different!

Day six 21.06 Thursday. 290 km to cover.

After breakfast, we will go to the race track called Autodromo Riccardo Paletti, better known as Varano. It is considered to be very technical, but very safe track. Being supervised by the instructor, we will be testing our skills in a professional spot. Our participant will get the chance to check whether their mountain experience will be useful here on track or not. After our crazy experience on Varano track, we will head off to The Mediterranean Sea, where we will take a little break from cars, and the smell of petrol. We are going to taste some seaside specialties, spending the night by the water.

Day seven 22.06 Friday. 200 km to cover.

We are driving along the coast to Niece, where our next hotel, in which we will spend 2 nights, is located. After check in at our hotel, we are going for a dinner, after which we will drive our sports machines around the capital of Monaco. Late in the evening, we will leave our cars and go to have some party.

Day eight 23.06 Saturday.

The entire day is yours! For those, who want to experience something more,  we’ve prepared a helicopter ride over Monte Carlo and French Riviera, jet ski between yachts worth tens of millions of dollars, as well as fly board. We will also visit the Bugatti boutique, as well as some other interesting spots in Monte Carlo. In the evening, we are going to have our last dinner that will end our European adventure.

Expedition costs per team consisting of two people and a car ? 2340 Euro. The price includes:

– Accomodation in 4 and 5 star hotels.

–  Driving experience on Autodromo Riccardo Paletti, which will be opened exclusively for Positive Ways participants.

– Breakfasts served every day.

– Two festive dinners opening and ending our event.

– Dinner combined with the cruise in Budapest.

– Guarded car parks at  the places of our accommodation.

– Photo-video crew consisting of 4 people.

– Blue-ray with the video from our expedition.

– Technical team with a car.

– Baggage shipping.

– Communication equipment.

– Road books with attractions and our destination spots.

– Traditional  car stickers and emblems.

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